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Tab for $20: Corks & More, Ithaca

For a seminal moment at this revamped haven on the water, I was reminded of the sophisticated lounges in New York City’s SoHo — the ones in which I sprawled after hours, sipping a dry martini and munching on habañero shrimp next to large, open windows. While there’s nothing outstandingly grandiose going on here, such as a rooftop view, an iPod docking station or your own complimentary pet goldfish, this place has hints of class that make it feel partly like home and partly like a restaurant/lounge/club…
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Napa Valley Technology’s WineStation® Intelligent Dispensing Systems

Corks & More of Ithaca has debuted Napa Valley Technology’s WineStation® Intelligent Dispensing Systems to complement the opening of its groundbreaking wine bar/lounge design, and small tasting plates dining concept. Opening on New Year’s 2010, BJ Bliss, owner and CEO of Corks & More, noted, “the Ithaca area is renowned for introducing breakthrough concepts in food, wine and dining. What’s been missing is an experience that lets guests explore, taste and enjoy unique food selections paired with great wines by the glass, whether they’re from the Finger Lakes area, California or other celebrated wine regions of the world. Corks & More is designed to do just that”. Bliss added, “Our goal from the onset is to offer our guests an assortment of forty-plus finer wines by-the-glass, served through WineStation’s patented Clean-Pour technology. Their 60 day preservation system will ensure our patrons will experience the same, “first-time taste” the winemakers intended, each and every time, whether they choose rom a taste, half or full glass of a wine which best complements their food selection from our new and expanded menu.” Bliss continues, “we selected WineStation to be at the heart of our concept, to let our guests come in, purchase a Corks & More Tasting Card along with delectable dishes designed for sharing and socializing, then ‘kick back’ in our relaxing lounge environment”. From a business perspective, Bliss added that WineStation’s preservation, pour size selection (1oz. taste, 2.5oz half or 5oz full glass) and reporting, also gives us the controls required by the business,” and he adds, “I invite you to come in and check out Corks & More in the near future.”
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